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As you can see, we are in the world of Heyjoeyouth.

So we are here for youth, and those who want to know about youth, which is the reason why we created a community where many young people like you can share posts by encouraging young people to achieve their goals and their dreams. We believe there's always a way to help and encourage and feel deeply committed just like you commit yourself in participating in this youthful and ambitious community.

There are different categories in our forum: self-improvement, parenting, feeling, lifestyle, dating, and psycho-tru-tech. Self-improvement tells us how we should improve in and out, so that we be professionally and emotionally successful. Parenting is the relationship between parents and youngsters, feeling is how we feel the most, lifestyle is fashion and way of life, dating is love relationship, and psycho-tru-tech uncovers psychological truths and techniques.


You can notice we often use the personal pronoun "we". The idea is, you are our inspiration and you made it happen. So if ever you've been touched by some message, you may share it with friends of yours to make this inspiration grow more. And by doing so, you're just helping and encouraging young people like you. Special and endless thanks to you members, and those who contributed to the existence of this movement. Feel free to subscribe if you like our posts. Thank you very much for your help and we love you all.  

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