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About our cash prize events

First, we would like to thank you for joining the Heyjoeyouth community. Heyjoeyouth is a brand new online community where young people can grow their visibility by creating youthful and motivational contents to encourage others to achieve their goals and their dreams, which complies with the values of our community.

To encourage our members to participate in our community, we first came with our loyalty program . And we take it to the next level by announcing our upcoming cash prize events. We are still working on the set up and structure of our events, but we will surely let you know whenever one of our events will be shortly launched.

1. Reserving your Ticket

Once you first sign up to Heyjoeyouth, you are then eligible to receive a free Ticket from us. But that's not all! You now have to reserve your Ticket by creating your first youthful post in our Forum and we will label you among the first 50 sign-ups to receive 1 free Ticket. You should receive a message telling you that you have been labeled for 1 free Ticket and there is no additional actions to take in this regard. We greatly value members who participate in our community so we'll never miss any member who creates their first post.

2. Free Tickets and how it works

Since it will be our first time launching the events, we have decided to offer 1 free Ticket to each of our first 50 sign-ups, so that they can test the activities and testify their experience in our Forum. The free Ticket you receive as a member will be effective only when the event(s) is/are launched and when the member has been offered the free Ticket by our staff so that they can participate in the event for free.

The 50 free Tickets are not offered to our first 50 members at the same period of time. Tickets are offered by 10, on a first-come basis, until we reach the total amount of 50 Tickets. When your turn will be to receive a free Ticket, we will notify you via email at least 3 days prior the start date of the event, so that you do not need to purchase any Ticket when we launch the event. Otherwise, you can always feel free to buy the Tickets so you can participate and kindly wait for your turn to receive your free Ticket.

3. Additional updates

We may always update our rules and guidelines and we will always strive to notify you via email if any change has been made.

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