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Code of Conduct

By joining the Heyjoeyouth community, you agree with the following code of conduct.


1. Our mission and values


As you all know, our mission is to encourage young people to follow their goals and their dreams, and get together valuable members like you who also desires to share the same vision and contribute to the release of this mission. What is more important to us is to have a community where participants always share their ambitions and/or fulfillments, and this could be a source of encouragement for other young members and/or any young visitors. This way, not only members positively contributes to our community, but they also have the opportunity to grow their own visibility for anything they would like to see come true.

2. Members behavior

a. Feed

As mentioned above, our mission is to encourage young people to follow their goals and their dreams. Therefore, any member in our community should be sharing this same mission, by posting especially motivational contents in the feed. Heyjoeyouth Members are allowed to post based on the categories they have been given. In other words, members can share their own experiences by linking them to their category of choice. We do not consider it a restriction since the categories we offer can cover a wide variety of topics coming from whatever the niche you might think of. As long as your contents bring motivation to the community, and they stay in our niche, you are most welcome to post and grow your visibility.


Here are the following contents members are not allowed to post in the Heyjoeyouth community. These contents include, but are not limited to, obscene language and/or images, substances related topics (unless it complies with our values [how to avoid drugs/alcohol addiction] ), extreme or realistic violence, and/or any content that can, negatively speaking, shock or disturb the community, and a lot more that could potentially go against the code of conduct.

Members are not allowed to post deceptive contents. Deceptive contents encourage an audience to believe something which is not true. For instance, contents presenting easy ways to make a tremendous amount of money, with the only purpose of getting clicks and leads, but is not really contributing to the growth of our community. Any member we see promoting such contents, will be manually or automatically banned from the Forum.

b. Comments

Members must not hurt in writing another member's feelings. If a written comment ever hurts someone's feeling in our community, the member who has posted that comment will therefore be restricted from participating in our Forum.

3. Diversity

We strongly believe in the inclusion of all people, which means everyone from all over the world is most welcome to join our community regardless of their nationality. We encourage all members to observe this virtue in all their activities in the Forum.

Here are the rules we must consider when it comes to diversity:

Heyjoeyouth members must not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, etc...

We appreciate your loyalty in following the code of conduct, and we wish you the best experience in the Forum.

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