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Contributors and how we pay

Our values in Heyjoeyouth is to encourage young people to achieve their goals and their dreams in various ways. And allowing you, as a qualified member, to contribute to our Forum is one of the ways to help you achieve these goals and dreams. We came with a new solution where you can share your most valuable content on your category of choice and gain a commission for the amount of unique visitors you have attracted. Below, you will read all the necessary information about how the contributors' monetization work, and how we pay.


1. How the monetization works

If you decide to contribute for a specific category, your content will therefore be set to private, and can be accessed only when you or any member purchases one of the plans that gives access to these private contents. This revenue will be shared and calculated on the basis of unique visitors you have attracted and their behaviors in accessing your content(s).

Other factors may affect the commission you receive, such as: the type of plan the visitor has purchased, how much they engage with your posts, and of course, the amount of post you are allowed to publish as a contributor.

2. How much we pay per real unique visitor

We offer a rate of 0.05 USD per real unique. We pay per 1000 unique views with an amount of 50 USD. The rate may slightly goes up to 0.07 USD per real unique visitors if such visitors have purchased an plan that gives them access to the exclusive and its pricing starts by 19.95 to 29.95 USD. Keep in mind that these plans are billed every 3 months. This means, if a part of your unique visitors purchased one of these plans to access your content(s), you will receive payment reports for these unique visitors on a three month period. As for the plans starting by 5.95 to 9.95 USD, you will get payment reports on a monthly basis, since these plans are billed monthly.

3. Our payment method

For now, we will pay contributors via PayPal or Wire Transfer. We hope to add more payment methods in the future.

4. Our terms

Heyjoeyouth reserves the right to update any information about the monetization for contributors, and you are responsible of keeping yourself updated of any change.


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