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Free Lifter Ad Program by Heyjoeyouth

Warm welcome to the Lifter Ad Program by Heyjoeyouth. Our Lifter Ad program is designed to help young creators grow their visibility by bringing value to the community, more specifically by encouraging and inspiring others to achieve their goals and their dreams, which complies to one of the main missions and values of the Heyjoeyouth community.

As a means to encourage members who have successfully complied with the values and guidelines of the community, we have launched our Free Lifter Ad program to help them reach more young people who may be sharing the same values or interests, without them having to prepare their own budget and pay for advertising. Lifter Ad will lift your valuable post up to young visitors who are interested in it, and you only have to sit back or keep optimizing your post while it handles the traffic and audience targeting for you.

How it works?


1. First and foremost, create  your first post in the Forum in your preferred category. To create your post, go to the Heyjoeyouth Forum and click on the participate button. A Pop up will appear allowing you to choose your category, type in your title and create your post. Your post must be an article or some short written quote, no video. Once you're finished creating your post, click on "publish".

2. Optimize your post for approval. Optimizing your post for approval simply means to make sure that it meets all the guidelines and especially the values of the Heyjoeyouth community. If you believe that your post complies with our terms and community guidelines, you may skip this step.

3. Apply for the Lifter Ad program. Once you're ready, you can now go apply for the Free Lifter Ad program . You will have to fill out a simple form in which you will be asked to insert the post url that you would like us to lift or the url to your Heyjoeyouth profile if you have created more than 1 post.

4. Wait for approval. Your post will be reviewed carefully by the staff and we will let you know if you're approved or not. If there is something that needs to be improved in order

for you to be approved, we will also let you know.

5. Once you're approved, we will place your post url at the end or in the middle of one of the Heyjoeyouth posts from the staff. To boost your conversions, Heyjoeyouth will customize your text url as to match the topic of your post and so that your post can perfectly follow up.

6. Wait for at least 30 days or more to see results. The advertising for the Heyjoeyouth posts can take a bit of time. It's also important to note that the visits we get do not necessarily guarantee clicks to your post in a quick period of time.

How to be approved?

1. To get approved in our Free Lifter Ad program, you must successfully comply with our community guidelines. The Heyjoeyouth community has important guidelines that must be followed, and to get approved, it is extremely important to take those guidelines into account.


Some of those guidelines include the general values of the community and especially our code of conduct. To learn more, feel free to read our code of conduct.

2. Your post must be coherent as a whole. One of the crucial factors young members should consider when it comes to creating a post is how all the main components of your post align with one another. Your post must have a clear title that matches the chosen category, and also the whole content must go accordingly with the title and the category.

3. In addition to following the guidelines of our community, we encourage young members to meet the very main value and mission of Heyjoeyouth, which is to encourage young people to achieve their goals and dreams. With that being said, kindly make sure that your post is inspiring to young people like you, and that it encourages them to achieve their goals and their dreams some way or other.

4. Last but not least, young members must be very mindful of the usefulness and quality of their content. If you desire to take advantage of our Free Lifter Ad program, it is therefore worth creating useful and good quality content. 


1. Budget Free. Thanks to our Free Lifter Ad program, you will not have to prepare any budget since we will cover the advertising cost for you every month.

2. Authority. Gain more authority and build trust with your audience when your post is lifted at the end or in the middle of our posts. We noticed that visitors tend to validate lifted posts coming from the staff.

Note: The position "in the middle" for your post url is not included in the Free Lifter Ad program. If you desire to have your post url lifted in the middle of our posts, you will have to choose the "Lifter Ad Booster" option from the drop-down menu of the "Free Lifter Ad" form. Choosing any of these options will not affect your application and you will not be charged right after its completion.

3. Boost your conversion rates. We do not know which of our posts will be the best match for your lifted post in your preferred category(ies). Therefore, Heyjoeyouth will customize the text url in a way for it to catch reader's attention and to boost your conversion after your application.

4. Audience targeting. Heyjoeyouth will handle the audience targeting for you. Heyjoeyouth has a specific audience targeting that is tailored to your lifted post in your preferred category, which means our targeted audience is also your target audience.

More upcoming features


Heyjoeyouth may implement more features in the future so you can have the best experience with our products and services. We may notify you for necessary updates.

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