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About the loyalty program

Be one of the first to join our loyalty program and redeem the points you accumulated to access our best services and products. The loyalty program in Heyjoeyouth, also named "youthful goals", is a new solution for our valued members and our business. Allowing members to access our services and products with the best price not only helps us, but also you as a decisive and ambitious member. If you are someone who knows what they want and who would also like to take advantage of promo codes and discounts, this "youthful goals" program is for you.


Additionally, we reward those who can grow their visibility in the community and get likes for the motivational posts they share with others. We believe we can bring more exciting rewards as long as we have you here helping us grow our business. See below in details how the loyalty program works.

1. Log in to the site

Every time you log into the site, you get 3 points.

2. Sign up to the site

If you are new to Heyjoeyouth and you signed up to our site, you get 100 points.

3. Get 1000 points for your post

Once you're in, you are free to share motivational contents and get likes from other users. If you managed to get 1K likes in the past two months, you will get 1000 points.

Note: You don't get the points automatically. If you believe you reached 1K likes for your post in the past two months, feel free to claim your 1000 points here. We will be reviewing your claim to make sure you comply with the code of conduct of the community and also to confirm that you have attracted real traffic.

4. Buy the "Heyjoeyouth Branded text T-shirt" and get 1000 points

Help us grow our brand when you buy our "Branded text T-shirt" in our store, and get rewarded with 1000 points that you can use to access the best services and products we offer.

5. Get 3 points for every $1 spent

Finally, save more each time you spend. You will get 3 points multiplied by the cost of your purchase!

6. Redeem rewards

a. 10% off all store products

With 100 points, you will get 10% off for all our products.

b. All icon rewards

With 300 points, you will get 30% off for all our rewarded icons. Go to the store, tap "Filter", then tap "Category", and choose any item related to "Icon T-shirts". In mobile, you can access our store in the menu then click on "Shop" under "Blog". We may add more rewards anytime, and we will let you know whenever it's done.

7. Future advantages of our loyalty program

Collecting points the sooner is the best prevision a young member can make in Heyjoeyouth. The sooner, the more points you get, so the more chance you get to take advantage of our future tutorial programs that will be available in our site. Our programs will be available in third party services like skillshare. So members will have the option to access these tutorial programs when they pay on a monthly basis. Alternatively, they can fully access our programs directly on our site with a one time payment. The programs in our site will absolutely be pricier, but with the advantage of having a definite access with one time payment, and also receiving points for this purchase. It's where the opportunity of the loyalty program comes in. With the Heyjoeyouth points, you can get up to 50% off a full program, plus get additional points for this purchase.


We also plan to launch contests to incentivize our valued members. To do this, members in the Heyjoeyouth community will have to pay for the entry and start working in the contest. Again, with the points you have collected in the past, you can get the most out of our contests and other pricing plans and services as well.


We believe you can be part of turning this project into a reality when you join our community and enjoy all of our services and products.  

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