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Refund Policy

Note that we do not accept refunds of any digital products (tutorials or eBooks), unless the item is defective. In such case, you must email us at, so you can provide us with valid details and reasons for requesting a refund. And do not forget to send the product you think is defective, to the address above.


Upon receipt of the returned product, we will fully examine and will let you know via email, whether you are eligible or not, for a refund. If eligible, you will get your refund through the payment method you used to make the purchase, within 14 business days. If you are not eligible, we will simply let you know, and we do not guarantee refund of even half of the purchase price.

Refunds permitted

We accept refunds of any digital items, if 48 hours or more have not passed since you purchased the product. Otherwise, you will not be eligible of any refund. Here are the reasons that you are eligible for a refund.

          1. Product has a poor quality or does not meet your satisfaction.


Poor quality might include a low resolution image or low quality sound. Or if you’ve simply been unsatisfied according to what you were expecting, refund may be proceeded.

          2. Product is subject to mental or personal abuse.

Heyjoeyouth focuses on helping and encouraging youth to follow their goals and their dreams. So it’s by no means our intent to mentally or personally, abuse anyone, above all young people. But if you feel you’ve been mentally or personally abused, please, express yourself openly so that we get to understand your case. If we can quite understand your situation, refund will be proceeded along with a 10% bonus, a letter of apology, and a post written especially for you. Otherwise we do not accept any refund.

Note: Only clients between 18 and 33 years old, are eligible to request a refund.

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