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Store policy

Any members and/or visitors purchasing an item in the Heyjoeyouth store, must comply and agree with all of the policies related to it.

1. Claim for physical product

a. Any claim for physical products in Heyjoeyouth must be done whenever the customer receives  misprinted/damaged/defective items, and must be submitted within 30 days after such product has been received. All members and any other customers must submit their claim in this form, providing all the necessary details of the issue, along with a good quality image of the product for which the customer thinks is defective. We encourage all members in Heyjoeyouth, and/or any buyers to reach out to us via the form mentioned above whenever they are not satisfied with the product they receive so that we can take a look and forward your claim to our service provider. It is important to know that your claim may not be forwarded if you do not meet the requirements mentioned in the return policy more ahead.

b. Once we confirm that the customer is eligible for a return, they can immediately do the process to this following address: 11201 Ed Brown Rd, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28273.

Note: This address must be used only for product returns. Notices and letters must not be sent to this above address. If you would like to send us notices and letters, kindly use this following address: 3400 Cottage Way STE G2 Sacramento .

2. Eligibility for product return

We accept returns only for the following reasons:

a. The product you received is in general defective. If you believe a product is defective, take a picture with good quality, go to the footer of our home page and click claim return . We will review your case and get back to you as soon as possible.

b. We delivered the wrong product to you. If you ordered a specific product and something else has been delivered by our providers, do the same thing and click on claim return , by uploading a good quality image and mentioning the product you wished to receive, and then we'll make a replacement for you.

3. Ineligibility for product return

We do not accept returns only for the following reasons:

a. The product has been misused and/or damaged. Once a customer receives a product, it is important that they take good care of it, to not cause any damage to it. If you try out a product once and you are not satisfied, make sure you gently put it back in its box. By doing so, the product is not exposed to any physical contacts promoting misuse and/or damage.

b. The customer is from Europe and the product was clearly personalized.  According to Article 16(c) and (e) of the Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights, the right of withdrawal may not be provided for:

3.1. the supply of goods that are made to the consumer's specifications or are clearly personalized;

3.2. sealed goods which were unsealed after delivery and thus aren't suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons.

Therefore Heyjoeyouth reserves the rights to refuse returns at its sole discretion.

c. The product is a clothing and the size does not fit. If you ordered a specific size for your clothing but it seems not to fit you well, we may not accept return for this product. For now in the Heyjoeyouth store, we offer 4 main sizes: small, medium, large, extra large. However, some people are more difficult in size and require a more custom size. Unfortunately, due to the policies of our service provider, we will not be able to make any replacement, nor reshipment for such product. 

4. Reshipment of returned products and eligibility

Any time we accept the return of a product, rest assured that we will proceed with the reshipment of the product. However, there are other reasons you need to know for which you will be eligible to get reshipment from us.

a. As mentioned earlier, reshipment can be done if the product is in general defective.

b. The package has been lost in transit. If you believe that your package has been lost in transit, we will verify and track your order for confirmation. Otherwise, if the tracking details show us that your product has been successfully delivered, you will not be eligible for reshipment. In these cases, you may have provided the wrong address, or the address was not sufficient for the courier.

c. You received the wrong product instead of what you wished to. If we delivered something completely different from what you ordered, know that we have you covered for the reshipment of the desired product.

5. Why we do not consider the return, thus the reshipment of a physical product

a. The customer provided the wrong address. If you provide an address that is considered insufficient by the courier, the shipment will be returned to the facility of our service provider, without us considering any reshipment for this product. To avoid these issues, make sure your address is fully and clearly mentioned, and easy to locate. Alternatively, consider using third-party addresses like FedEx or DHL. In such cases, kindly keep in mind that we are not responsible for additional fees that apply.

b. The product has been successfully delivered but remains unclaimed. Whenever an item is successfully shipped and ready for pickup, we know it, and we will also let you know that. However, if this item remains unclaimed, it will then be returned to the facility of our providers, without us considering any reshipment for this product.

Note: Any returned orders due to the wrong shipping address or a failure to claim the shipment won't either be available for reshipping and will be donated to charity.

c. The customer purchased an item with 20-50% off. Thanks to our loyalty program, members can redeem points and purchase certain items with a bonus between 20 to 50% off. By taking advantage of the Heyjoeyouth points, you acknowledge that you will not get reshipment of these physical products from us.

d. As we mentioned earlier, the customer thinks the product has not been delivered, but the tracking system says otherwise. If we confirm that the product has been shipped to the recipient address, we therefore reserve the right not to reship this item.

e. The buyer is not a member of Heyjoeyouth and is over 40 years old. For us to take your claim into consideration, it is important that you participate in our community. Additionally, since we are more youth oriented, we are more less likely to consider the claim of a buyer who is over 40.

Note: Any buyer, regardless their age and profile status, will benefit reshipment from us only if this product is in general defective.

6. It is important to know about our privacy policy, how and why we collect your information when you use our site. Feel free to read here.

7. How we calculate our taxes in the Heyjoeyouth store. Our business is registered in the state of California in the following address: 3400 Cottage Way STE G2 Sacramento. Therefore, it should be important for us to collect taxes from customers residing in the United States. But we set a general shipping for all countries based on the price of the product. And sometimes, there is no shipping fee, but only the tax fees included in the item price. If you have any concerns or questions about our product price in Heyjoeyouth, feel free to contact us. 

Note: There is no physical address for Heyjoeyouth yet. Be advised not to show up in person. Only notices and letters may be sent to this address.

8. About our shipping time

The estimate for the shipping of our physical products may be 2-15 business days or sooner. If you live in the united states, your product may arrive faster: 2-8 business days or sooner.

9. Contacting us for any questions about the store policy. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at . You will receive our reply in at least one business day.

We will always be updating our store policy, and it is your responsibility to verify if any additional rules have been added. We will also do our best to keep you updated via email if you so desire. On top of that, we strive to improve our policies so that it may be more favorable to the Heyjoeyouth community. Additionally, we care so much about our services and it is mandatory for us to improve the quality of our product. Which is why we encourage you to always give your feedback upon receiving one of our products.

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